Billy Paulson is one of ten children born during a time when inequality and oppression was the norm in South Africa. Growing up in Ravensmead, Cape Town, “I faced material as well as emotional poverty every single day of my childhood. My circumstances and environment gave me no reason to continue going to school. At the age of fourteen I ventured into the world, unprepared and unskilled. Everything dictated that life would be short, dirty and meaningless for me. But I had a vision and a goal to make a difference in society, starting with me.

Billy married his wife Maureen in 1977 and in that same year they both became committed Christians. They have four beautiful children, two boys and two girls.

In 1979 Billy started making music and realized that this is a powerful tool for him to accomplish his goals and pursue his vision. “My music is not only confined to stages and churches, but, schools, prisons, hospitals and street corners”. He has travelled the Far East, Europe, USA and New Zealand. Billy composed songs for other well-known artists nationally and internationally. In 1974 he composed his first song called "She's gone" and his second in 1976 named "Stop the rain". A year later, after his conversion, he started singing in churches and other musical events. His song "Step by Step" became an instant success on both Secular and Gospel charts in 1984. Billy Paulson is perhaps more known for his hit songs "Môre Sal Die Son Weer Skyn" and "Step by Step".

In 1985 the Paulson family relocated to Eersterust, Pretoria.

In 1990 Billy established a Community Development Organization called "Youth Development Outreach" (YDO). Now 25 years later, the organization still exists and grows, with a very competent management team taking it into the future.

In 1994, Billy wrote and passed his matric examination, this motivated him to pursue his studies in other fields of interests, as an adult who overcame what life dictated, laying the foundation to qualify himself with more skills that enabled him to live towards a prosperous future. In 1996, With YDO well established and responsible management in place, they relocated to Port Elizabeth, where his unfailing commitment to his vision continued.

For good reason, in 2000, Billy was asked to become station manager of Radio Kingfisher, the only Christian radio station in Port Elizabeth at the time. When he took over the reins, Radio Kingfisher was experiencing many and varied difficulties, threatening its existence. Amongst other things, the radio station lost its broadcasting license to a competitor. By 2002, Radio Kingfisher was granted a permanent four-year broadcast license, for the first time.

“In 2006 I realized that my season at the station has come to a closure, and after much prayer, fasting and consultation I decided to move on”.

In 2007 Billy started the Northern Arts Festival with its main objective to create a platform of excellence through the arts and to discover and rediscover talent amongst the youth. To date the festival has created awareness locally, nationally and internationally. Much young talents has been discovered and given a platform alongside professional artists both nationally and internationally. The Northern Arts Festival continues to enrich the lives of people living in and around the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. It is his dream that this concept of building capacity will eventually spread out top other parts of the country and even across the borders of South Africa.

“I have been blessed with the life I have been given. It could have been very different. Instead of dying defeated, I lived successfully, while changing people's lives”.

“I want to empower as many people in my lifetime here on earth. My desire is for people, facing these same obstacles like me, to have this same life of hope. They must live life to the fullest”.


My 10 Basic Principles of Life

  1. You must possess purpose/ vision/ a dream.
  2. You must know the meaningful significance for your life and discover the reason for your existence.
  3. Learn to serve others and by doing so you will enrich yourself and improve your potential.
  4. Have clear and realistic goals, write them down.
  5. Have a teachable spirit .All you know is what you have learned and all that you’ve learned is not all there is to know.
  6. Constantly develop and refine your skills. Practice makes perfect .The more you practice, the better your chances.
  7. Write down your vision and share it with as many people as possible, the more you speak it, the more chances you have they’ll believe it, including yourself.
  8. You must cultivate the habit of reading, by doing so you will sharpen your knowledge base. Knowledge is power.
  9. You must make decisions and be fully aware of the consequences. Every opportunity comes with responsibility. Risk more.
  10. Be committed to excellence, learn from your mistakes, measure yourself only against yourself not against others.
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