The journey thus far...

1977 Gets married and pursues song writing

Billy and Maureen were married in 1977 and have 4 children. Billy knew Maureen in his school days. “I had my eye on her,” he said. “Come to think of it, I remember how I first got to speak to her. She has grown into this princess of my dreams." Billy started visiting Maureen and the two of them started going to church youth camps together.  Billy remembers “Her mom was very fond of me – it's much easier if the mothers like you." After all these years, he will never forget the nervousness of the moment when he asked her to be his wife.
In the same year Billy became a Christian and took to gospel music instead of following in his brother Neville Nash's pop footsteps. “Gospel singers get their satisfaction from what they are doing and feeling, not from the screeching crowds one sees at pop concerts. Billy has written songs for his brother, Neville. ” I Don't Want To Be A Star” and “Where We Go” were two pop songs that Billy wrote. In 1980, Billy formed the group Humble People, who gained tremendous popularity by playing original music. Two years later the group changed it's name to Wisdom. Their first album together was called Running Back.

1985 Moved to Pretoria & Billy launches his own label

Billy took his career a giant step further when he launched his own independent record company. Bilson Music made its debut with the release of their first single, featuring a gospel group, Youth Crusaders, from George. Billy battled against all odds to bring his record label onto the market. One of the main reasons why this singer, writer and producer decided to start his own label was his disenchantment with fixed-percentage agreements existing between artists and record companied. Billy took the decision to start his own label in 1984. Billy's hit composition, Step by Step, which was sung by Walter Brown sold over 10 000 units. Billy was delighted until he received his royalties – R40! It was at that point that Billy started to get the wheels rolling for his own label.

1989 Billy plants hope in Angelo

In 1984, on a visit to Saldanha, Billy spotted Angelo Cyster and nurtured the young talent for 5 years before producing Introducing Angelo. “I told Angelo that while I had made a success of my music career, I still felt that I had to have something on which to fall back,” Paulson recalled. Angelo's dream was to become a medical doctor and with help and encouragement from Billy, was able to record his first album, a move which help to pay for his medical studies. Angelo Cyster received his medical degree in 2000. He is currently practicing medicine  and has just completed his first year diploma in song writing.

1990 Establishes YDO - Youth Development Outreach

Mission and Statement of Faith
1. To be of help to the community at all times
2. To train, teach and develop young people for a brighter future
3. To take a firm stand against any form of evil that leads young people away from the truth
4. To apply Christian values and principles to our methods of teaching and training at all times.
5. To forget about our own feelings and emotions when dealing with the needs of others.
6. To reach others by our unconditional love that sees no colour, race or creed.
7. To be a non-political and non-denominational body striving to build a peaceful and just society.
8. To fellowship on an on-going basis by means of coffee bars, family evenings, etc.
9. To be a counsel to the drug addict, alcoholic and any other related problem in our society.
10. To assist church ministers, youth leaders and community leaders with similar aims and objectives as those of Y.D.O.

2007 Launches Northern Arts Festival

The Northern Arts Festival aims to provide career opportunities for young artists i.e. singers, songwriters, actors, visual artists, producers, sound stage and lighting technicians and also management crew. To create a platform for young people to showcase their talents in respect of the performing arts; to provide entertainment to a community of more than 400 000. To develop the Northern Arts Festival into an event on the arts calendar that will be recognized as one of the best in Southern Africa. To contribute to community building initiatives healthy living as well as to combat crime and substance abuse.
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