A Time To Share

Compilation: Billy Paulson, Maria Hayward & Ken J. Larkin.  It seems like only yesterday when I heard the people say "May goodwill follow you" But it was grace that brough us through...
...Christmas is a time to share, Of planting seeds of  hope and peace everywhere.


1. Merry Christmas to all in the land
2. Have yourself a merry little Christmas
3. Blessed be
4. Fear not
5. The Gift
6. A time to share
7. My soul glorifies
8. Hosanna
9. Grown-up Christmas list
10. The voice of Christmas

Beste van die Beste

My music speaks for me when I am not able to. God has talented me in such a way that I have the ability to see and observe my surroundings. DJ Rodgers always mentioned on most of his albums “I write songs to take people through from Monday to Sunday”. The music that I write is a reflection of who I am and what I long to be. I have great admiration for the musicians over the years who gave tirelessly and effortlessly of their gifts and abilities to make me sound as true as I possibly can. I will never be able to pay you for what you are worth. One can put a fee to the production cost and everything else that goes part with the resale value of the CD. But there is no monetary value that can be put to everyone’s giftedness. I thank you all for your ability to make me come across as real and relevant as I possibly can. I am always aware of God’s presence and the power of His Spirit during all my recordings over the years. I thank God He never ever failed me yet.


1. More Sal Die Son Weer Skyn
2. Why Can't We?
3. Bona Mina
4. Alleen
5. Ohna
6. Sing Saam Met My
7. I know Someone
8. Dont Worry
9. Blessed Be
10. Africa, Your Light Has Come
11. Ken Hom In Al Jou Wee
12. How Excellent
13. More Like You
14. Kom Ons Loof Die Heer
15. Hosanna
16. The Lords Prayer

Billy Paulson

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for your unconditional love and guidance.  ... As for me, I will continue to sing and write songs that will encourage, edify and carry people through from Monday to Sunday, and above  all my songs will always glorify Jesus Christ and Him alone.


1. He is Lord
2. My best friend
3. I know someone
4. Why did she do it?
5. How excellent
6. It's the blood
7. More like you
8. Step by step
9. Don't worry
10. Why can't we?

Bona Mina

When you labour so long for something that you know is not yours, especially when you want to give your very best, is not easy. All these songs were written over a period of many years. Thank You Lord, You've been a great help to me


1. Africa your light has come
2. He'll make it alright
3. Bona Mina
4. Come to me
5. You are love
6. Tell everybody
7. Heaven is my home
8. Pray, Pray, Pray
9. Step by Step
10. The Lord's Prayer
11. Running back (remix)
12. H-A-P-P-Y (remix)


Special thanks to .... my wife Maureen and children Wilton, Chantel, Janine and Billy Jnr for your support and encouragement.


1. Maranatha
2. H.A.P.P.Y.
3. We shall overcome
4. What shall I render
5. Nobody but Jesus
6. On and on
7. Spread the love of Jesus around
8. Heed to her cry
9. Living this life
10. I'll give my eyes no sleep
11. Mother
12. Jesus
13. We need You more (bonus track)

More Sal Die Son Weer Skyn

Op 26 Junie 1990 het daar iets met my en my gesin gebeur wat ons lewens verander het ten opsigte van God se genade teenoor ons. Ons was in 'n motor ongeluk betrokke waarin ek en my drie kinders byna ons lewens verloor het.


1. More sal die son weer skyn
2. Ken Hom in al jou wee
 3. Die liefde
4. Ons moet vertel
5. Gee my weer
6. Volg hom
7. Alleen
8. Kom ons loof die Heer
9. Sing saam met my
10. Jesus
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